Get asset details by uid



Request headers are required. See Auth - introduction for more information.

Get asset details by uid


GET /asset/{uid}

Returns the asset details for a given uid associated with the given App (set by the X-API-KEY).


Path parameters

Path parameterDescription
uidThe unique identifier of the asset for this app (ex. 715430031284).


You will receive the asset details including the following fields:

Response fieldsTypeDescriptionCondition
uidStringThe UID for the asset.Mandatory
nameStringThe name of the asset.Mandatory
asset_external_idStringThe unique ID by which you identify this asset in your system.Mandatory
collection_uidStringThe UID identifying the collection to which the asset belongs.Mandatory
collection_nameStringThe name identifying the collection to which the asset belongs.Mandatory
token_idIntegerThe token ID assigned to this asset upon minting.Mandatory
The timestamp at which the asset as been created.Mandatory
is_mintedBooleanIndicates wether the asset has been minted on the blockchain already or not.Mandatory
is_burnedBooleanIndicates wether the asset has been burned (removed from the circulation) or not.Mandatory
is_transferringBooleanIndicates wether the asset has been requested to be transferred or not (this status is temporary).Mandatory
is_transferableBooleanIndicates wether the asset can be transferred or not. i.e: an asset is_minted is false can't be transferred.Mandatory
is_editingBooleanIndicates wether the asset has been requested to be edited or not (this status is temporary).Mandatory
mint_for_user_uidStringThe user's UID the asset has been minted for.Mandatory
mint_for_addressStringThe blockchain address for which the asset was minted for (while wallets are created asynchronously, this field can be empty).Mandatory
owner_user_uidStringThe user's UID the asset currently belongs to. Can be null if does not belong to a user of the App.Mandatory
owner_addressStringThe user's address the asset belongs to.Mandatory
metadataObjectThe metadata of the asset. See table below for fields list.Mandatory
explorer_urlString (URL)The explorer URL (PolygonScan) of the asset. It can be used to see all blockchain related informations.Mandatory
token_uriStringThe Asset's (token) uri containing the Metadata stored on IPFS. It is based on the metadata_cid.Mandatory
Response metadata fieldsTypeDescriptionCondition
nameStringThe name of the asset.Mandatory
imageString (URL)The image url of the asset.Mandatory
attributesObjectAdditional attributes describing the asset. See below table for the fields list.Optional
descriptionStringThe description of the asset.Optional
original_idStringThe UID for the asset.Mandatory
external_urlString (URL)An external URL for additional information.Optional
org_image_urlString (URL)The image_url provided when Asset was created. (Different if image is stored on IPFS).Mandatory
Response Metadata Attributes fieldsTypeDescriptionCondition
trait_typeStringThe type of trait or attribute.Mandatory
valueStringThe value of the trait or attribute.Mandatory
display_typeStringThe display type for the attribute value.Optional

Response example

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "uid": "715430031284",
        "name": "asset_example",
        "asset_external_id": "asset_external_id_example",
        "collection_uid": "121439158772",
        "collection_name": "example_collection",
        "token_id": 4,
        "created_at": "2023-09-11T09:42:18.526793Z",
        "is_minted": true,
        "is_burned": false,
        "is_transferring": false,
        "is_transferable": true,
        "mint_for_user_uid": "771826859405",
        "mint_for_address": "0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045",
        "owner_user_uid": "177836859604",
        "owner_address": "0xd8dA6BF26964aF9D7eEd9e03E53415D37aA96045",
        "metadata": {
            "name": "asset_example",
            "image": "ipfs://QmaJbYbdH8bbPXVAsehbHy8qyrGSvxDiJ11RrE6WK4VAmd",
            "attributes": [
                    "value": "Starfish",
                    "trait_type": "Base"
            "description": "description",
            "original_id": "715430031284",
            "external_url": "",
            "org_image_url": ""
        "explorer_url": "",
        "token_uri": "ipfs://QmbMzYnigdxkfG8PpnqpAt5YQGYA8Y2GGw2hSaKr46XKr6"



Considering that the request for creating an asset is partly asynchronous - the response for retrieving an asset's details will immediately return the asset uid and will mint the asset on the blockchain to the user's wallet asynchronously.

This means that:

  • If you perform a 'create asset' directly followed by a 'get asset details', is_minted can be false in the response.
  • If you perform a 'create user' followed by a 'create asset' for this user and a 'get asset details', the owner_address can be empty in the response.


The following example gets the asset details for asset 123123123123.

# API_KEY is your api key
# TOKEN is the access token generated with your api key secret

curl -i \
  -X GET \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "X-Api-Key: API_KEY" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN" \