API rate limits

We understand the importance of ensuring optimal performance and reliability of our services for all users. To achieve this, we implement API rate limits, which are caps on the number of requests an app can make to our APIs within a certain time frame. This page outlines how the rate limits work and what they mean for your organization.

Understanding API rate limits

Rate limits are designed to prevent any user, organization an app from overloading our system and network.

Here's how it works:

  • Our rate limiting mechanism operates on a moving window basis. This means the number of requests an app can make is calculated in real-time over a rolling time interval.
  • The rate limit depends on your subscription plan with Original as below:
Plan rateMethodsRate limits per app
LowPOST, PUT10 requests per second / app
LowGET50 requests per second / app
MediumPOST, PUT50 requests per second / app
MediumGET250 requests per second / app
HighPOST, PUT100 requests per second / app
HighGET500 requests per second / app



Need higher/custom rate limits? contact our support

What happens if you exceed the limit?

If your organization app exceeds the API rate limit, there will be a temporary suspension where additional API calls will be blocked with an HTTP 429 Too Many Requests error until the rate limit window resets.