Pricing and gas fees

At Original, we are committed to providing you with a straightforward and transparent pricing model. We want you to have a clear understanding especially when it comes to gas fees associated with blockchain transactions.

Our pricing model is designed to be fair and flexible, ensuring that you only pay for the resources you use.

What Are Gas Fees?

Gas fees are transaction costs associated with blockchain networks. When you perform actions that require blockchain transactions (e.g. deploying a collection, creating or transferring NFTs...), these actions consume computational resources, and requires to pay a fee to process and validate transactions.

How do we Handle Gas Fees?

Gas fees can vary depending on network congestion and transactions complexity and is paid in the token of the blockchain your are executing the transaction on.

While gas price may vary, Original pricing stays the same tight to the Blockchain your application is operating on. We handle all the complexity for you so you can focus on building great user experiences, and have stable and forecastable costs.

All gas fees costs are paid in FIAT at a fixed price per transaction based on your plan and chain.



For more info about our Plan pricing, check our page pricing

On-chain transactions: Gas fees are incurred only for actions that involve on-chain transactions, such as:

API call involving on-chain transactionsAPI
Create_asset (mint)Create asset API
Transfer_assetTransfer asset API
Burn_assetBurn asset API
Edit_assetEdit asset API

Off-Chain transactions: Many of our features, such as retrieving data from our database, do not involve blockchain transactions and, therefore, do not incur gas fees. You can perform these API calls freely.

Monitoring your Usage

To help you stay informed, our platform provides real-time visibility into your usage consumption allowing you to make informed decisions and manage your usage effectively.

No Hidden Costs

We are committed to transparency, and there are no hidden costs. You only pay for the gas fees incurred during on-chain actions.


Our pricing model is designed to provide you with a cost-effective and transparent experience. You have the flexibility to use Original without worrying about unnecessary charges, and you only pay for gas fees when you engage in on-chain activities.

If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding our pricing model or any other aspect of Original, please feel free to contact our support